miércoles, 12 de marzo de 2008


Para todos los que tenemos que intentarlo una y otra vez para alcalzar nuestros sueños y objetivos.

'Tis a lesson you should heed,
Try, try, try again;
'If at first you don't succeed,
Try, try, try again.

Once or twice though you should fail,
Try again;
If you would at last prevail,
Try again,

If we strive, 'tis no disgrace
Though we may not win the race;
What should you do in that case ?
Try again.

If you find your task is hard,
Try again;
Time will bring you your reward,
Try again.

All that other folks can do,
With your patience should not you ?
Only keep this rule in view--

Try again.


3 comentarios:

Ale Marge dijo...

Qué bueno! la voy a cantar cuando curse estadísticas

ARTURO dijo...

Justamente yo supe de este canto cuanto estaba en la universidad estudiando Matematicas!

Hace ya algo de tiempo...


Hector Torres dijo...

Bueno pues ahi les va una cancion de Iron Maiden (heavy metal) que va muy a tono de este tema, y es una de mis preferidas:

The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner

The tough of the track
With the wind
And the rain that's beating down on
Your back
Your heart's beating loud
And goes on getting louder
And goes on even more 'til the
Sound is ringing in your head
With every step you tread
And every breath you take
Makes you run never stop
Got to win got to run 'til you drop
Keep the pace hold the race
Your mind is getting clearer
You're over half way there
But the miles they never seem to end
As if you're in a dream
Not getting anywhere
It seems so futile

Run on and on
Run on and on
The loneliness of the long distance runner

I've got to keep running the course
I've got to keep running and win at
All costs
I've got to keep going be strong
Must be so determined and push myself on

Run over stiles across fields
Turn to look at who's on your heels
Way ahead of the field
The line is getting nearer but do
You want the glory that goes
You reach the final stretch
Ideals are just a trace
You feel like throwing the race
It's all so futile